Empty Spaces

The anticipation of a concert is always ridiculously high for several reasons. We spend WAY too much on tickets and expect to get our money’s worth, we idolize celebrities, and it’s a true chance to forget everything going on in life. I’ve seen concerts in every genre, from B.B. King, Usher, Nickelback, Lil’ Wayne and many other names not even worth mentioning. The one thing all of these concerts had in common is the fact that I left there feeling like I got my money’s worth. Well, they say there is a first for everything! This past monday I attended the Jason Derulo and Kevin Rudolf concert at Bramlage colosseum in Manhattan. I got up bright and early the day the tickets went on sale to assure the best seats possible, why? Maybe I thought an itunes top 100 duo could sell out a small venue. Maybe I thought students would jump at the fact that tickets were much less with their student ID. Like always, I was wrong.

The attendance at this event mimicked that of a WNBA game or maybe a Furman University sporting event of any type. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the names Jason Derulo and Kevin Rudolf here are some facts. Jason Derulo has had at least 3 top ten hits in the last year, and Kevin Rudolf has recorded songs with the who’s who of hip/hop and R&B including Lil’ Wayne. The music industry is hard enough to get into, shouldn’t we support those who deserve it? My dad always told me to go to as many concerts as I could just in order to learn music appreciation, which I honestly believe he is right.

The weak crowd with little to no intensity may have killed all of the artists excitement for that nights show. Rudolf took the stage playing one of his all time hits. Guitar in hand, he royally sucked!! This was similar to a drunk karaoke night at the bar, or a 2 a.m. game of rock band. Just an example for how people responded to this pitchy, so called super star, the girls sitting next to me who were obviously not born in the United States were so excited they could barely contain themselves. The DJ came out and they lost it, literally jumping up and down, clapping, and nearly crying. Not even five minutes later these college age girls were sitting in their seats talking to each other while the rest of the place stood, pretending to enjoy this distorted cat scratching sound. This may have been the ultimate buzz kill. A waste of anticipation at it’ s finest. Lucky for us he sang four or five songs and exited the stage gracefully, with little applause.

Lucky for us, Derulo was able to recover from his less than appealing opening act. Unlike Rudolf, Derulo was able to get over the fact that the crowd was the size of my high school graduation. He danced, he sang, and of course he made ever girl there wish she was the one that he could serenade. I am disappointed in my fellow students for not supporting these guys, but hey twelfth row isn’t bad at all.


Alex Carney

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