Bringin’ It Back

Spring time is here! To the standard Kansas college student this time of year is perfection. Babes laying out in bikini’s, grilling steaks with the boys, perfect weather…sometimes, and last but not least, the Spring Game. Of course, every college has a spring game showing off the new players, plays, offenses, and defenses. To be honest, Kansas State University’s Spring Games is a JOKE. The attendance is low, the excitement is lower, and Bill Snyder is flat boring.

As far as I’m concerned I could care less about the spring game, a.k.a. snooze fest. It’s time for something new, time for something different, and time for some excitement to revolve around this time of year. My question as a student and a KSU Athletics fan is what can we do to make the spring game something to look forward to? Schools like Alabama and Arkansas nearly fill their stadiums for the Spring Game every year. How do they do it?

I know there isn’t much we can do to make the Spring Game more exciting, thank you Bill Snyder, but I believe  there is a way to get the fans more involved. Bill Snyder Family Stadium holds nearly fifty thousands fans, while about three thousand attend the Spring Game. Talk about empty seats and crickets chirping…

Memorial Stadium in Manhattan, Kansas, seats three thousand  fans comfortably and four thousand if they try pretty hard to cram people in. This was the site of all KSU football games several years ago and now the site of KSU rugby games, thrilling. Why don’t we play the game here?

Here are some reasons why we should hold the game here:

  • Stadium would fill every time
  • Students and fans would be closer to the players
  • We would be showing off our new alumni center
  • Walking distance from all on and off campus housing (unlike BSFS)
  • Parking surrounding stadium
  • Locker rooms in Natatorium fifty feet off the field

To me it seems like there is no reason not to try it. Tradition is something that makes teams who they are. Not only would this be something to look forward to, but it may actually draw the alumni in to their old turf. If I was A.D. I know I’d make it happen, but I’m not so I guess I can just voice my opinion.


Alex Carney

Kansas State University student of the School of Business Administration. Contact me on Twitter, @Carney316, or email me at I would love to hear what you think.


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Creative minded students with a will to keep you up to date on everything going on in our local and national culture.

One Response to Bringin’ It Back

  1. Abby says:

    I LOVE this idea.

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