No! No! No!

Surely I am not the only one stressing out this time of year. Finals, moving into new leases, work, summer school, etc…You get my point. This time of year may not be any different to those in the business world or to those who have the whole summer to mooch off of their parents, sitting by the pool getting skin cancer. To give you a little background knowledge on myself, I work “part time” as a hardware sales associate at Menards, I teach junior golf for the First Tee program, and I volunteer the rest of my time to the Youth Leadership Foundation, in Manhattan, Kansas. I’m sure you are wondering why I put part time in quotations. Well, as far as Menards is concerned, “part time” means about forty hours a week. Did I mention I go to school too?

Trust me, I didn’t plan on filling my time with all work and school. I remember the days were I did absolutely nothing for six hours a day, whata’ bum, right? Shoot, I sure miss those days! Getting paid is great, volunteering makes me feel good about myself, helping kids is what I love to do, but where is the happy medium? The ability to say no is something I have yet to learn. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to balance this schedule, but right now there are repercussions.

As you may know, I am a student of Kansas State University. A marketing major in the College of Business Administration, supplemented with two minors in Journalism and Leadership Studies. It’s all good in fun, but homework doesn’t do itself, and I am way past the years of passing tests without studying. Honestly, I’m not sure what to do. I am on my way to burnout, and I am definitely headed there fast. So, on with my point earlier, how do we say no?

As a child I went to bed every night listening to “Adventures in Odyssey” , by Focus on the Family. This is a Christian organization thats main focus is helping troubled/abusive families. The stories, meant to teach the Word of God subliminally to children, have had a true impact on the way that I have grown up, and the man I have become. Sadly I still listen to them from time to time. It just so happens that I came across an old story that I believe was called something like “The No Factor”. In this the main character, Connie, is having trouble managing her time between school, work, and volunteering. Sounds familiar, eh?

Basically, the message portrayed covers the ideas and thoughts behind those who spend all their time doing things for others and no time for themselves. In the end, Connie realizes through family and friends, that she cannot be scared to say no and that no one will be mad if she continues to be honest.

We all have millions of things we want to do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. We want to help everyone, make a difference, and be Mr. Dependable. There is truly no way to be affective when you try to please everyone. I’m going to start narrowing my viewpoint, focusing on the important things, and doing my best in whatever is presented to me.


Alex Carney

Student of Kansas State University. Contact me at and on Twitter at @carney316.


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