No! No! No!

Surely I am not the only one stressing out this time of year. Finals, moving into new leases, work, summer school, etc…You get my point. This time of year may not be any different to those in the business world or to those who have the whole summer to mooch off of their parents, sitting by the pool getting skin cancer. To give you a little background knowledge on myself, I work “part time” as a hardware sales associate at Menards, I teach junior golf for the First Tee program, and I volunteer the rest of my time to the Youth Leadership Foundation, in Manhattan, Kansas. I’m sure you are wondering why I put part time in quotations. Well, as far as Menards is concerned, “part time” means about forty hours a week. Did I mention I go to school too?

Trust me, I didn’t plan on filling my time with all work and school. I remember the days were I did absolutely nothing for six hours a day, whata’ bum, right? Shoot, I sure miss those days! Getting paid is great, volunteering makes me feel good about myself, helping kids is what I love to do, but where is the happy medium? The ability to say no is something I have yet to learn. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to balance this schedule, but right now there are repercussions.

As you may know, I am a student of Kansas State University. A marketing major in the College of Business Administration, supplemented with two minors in Journalism and Leadership Studies. It’s all good in fun, but homework doesn’t do itself, and I am way past the years of passing tests without studying. Honestly, I’m not sure what to do. I am on my way to burnout, and I am definitely headed there fast. So, on with my point earlier, how do we say no?

As a child I went to bed every night listening to “Adventures in Odyssey” , by Focus on the Family. This is a Christian organization thats main focus is helping troubled/abusive families. The stories, meant to teach the Word of God subliminally to children, have had a true impact on the way that I have grown up, and the man I have become. Sadly I still listen to them from time to time. It just so happens that I came across an old story that I believe was called something like “The No Factor”. In this the main character, Connie, is having trouble managing her time between school, work, and volunteering. Sounds familiar, eh?

Basically, the message portrayed covers the ideas and thoughts behind those who spend all their time doing things for others and no time for themselves. In the end, Connie realizes through family and friends, that she cannot be scared to say no and that no one will be mad if she continues to be honest.

We all have millions of things we want to do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. We want to help everyone, make a difference, and be Mr. Dependable. There is truly no way to be affective when you try to please everyone. I’m going to start narrowing my viewpoint, focusing on the important things, and doing my best in whatever is presented to me.


Alex Carney

Student of Kansas State University. Contact me at and on Twitter at @carney316.


Bringin’ It Back

Spring time is here! To the standard Kansas college student this time of year is perfection. Babes laying out in bikini’s, grilling steaks with the boys, perfect weather…sometimes, and last but not least, the Spring Game. Of course, every college has a spring game showing off the new players, plays, offenses, and defenses. To be honest, Kansas State University’s Spring Games is a JOKE. The attendance is low, the excitement is lower, and Bill Snyder is flat boring.

As far as I’m concerned I could care less about the spring game, a.k.a. snooze fest. It’s time for something new, time for something different, and time for some excitement to revolve around this time of year. My question as a student and a KSU Athletics fan is what can we do to make the spring game something to look forward to? Schools like Alabama and Arkansas nearly fill their stadiums for the Spring Game every year. How do they do it?

I know there isn’t much we can do to make the Spring Game more exciting, thank you Bill Snyder, but I believe  there is a way to get the fans more involved. Bill Snyder Family Stadium holds nearly fifty thousands fans, while about three thousand attend the Spring Game. Talk about empty seats and crickets chirping…

Memorial Stadium in Manhattan, Kansas, seats three thousand  fans comfortably and four thousand if they try pretty hard to cram people in. This was the site of all KSU football games several years ago and now the site of KSU rugby games, thrilling. Why don’t we play the game here?

Here are some reasons why we should hold the game here:

  • Stadium would fill every time
  • Students and fans would be closer to the players
  • We would be showing off our new alumni center
  • Walking distance from all on and off campus housing (unlike BSFS)
  • Parking surrounding stadium
  • Locker rooms in Natatorium fifty feet off the field

To me it seems like there is no reason not to try it. Tradition is something that makes teams who they are. Not only would this be something to look forward to, but it may actually draw the alumni in to their old turf. If I was A.D. I know I’d make it happen, but I’m not so I guess I can just voice my opinion.


Alex Carney

Kansas State University student of the School of Business Administration. Contact me on Twitter, @Carney316, or email me at I would love to hear what you think.

Empty Spaces

The anticipation of a concert is always ridiculously high for several reasons. We spend WAY too much on tickets and expect to get our money’s worth, we idolize celebrities, and it’s a true chance to forget everything going on in life. I’ve seen concerts in every genre, from B.B. King, Usher, Nickelback, Lil’ Wayne and many other names not even worth mentioning. The one thing all of these concerts had in common is the fact that I left there feeling like I got my money’s worth. Well, they say there is a first for everything! This past monday I attended the Jason Derulo and Kevin Rudolf concert at Bramlage colosseum in Manhattan. I got up bright and early the day the tickets went on sale to assure the best seats possible, why? Maybe I thought an itunes top 100 duo could sell out a small venue. Maybe I thought students would jump at the fact that tickets were much less with their student ID. Like always, I was wrong.

The attendance at this event mimicked that of a WNBA game or maybe a Furman University sporting event of any type. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the names Jason Derulo and Kevin Rudolf here are some facts. Jason Derulo has had at least 3 top ten hits in the last year, and Kevin Rudolf has recorded songs with the who’s who of hip/hop and R&B including Lil’ Wayne. The music industry is hard enough to get into, shouldn’t we support those who deserve it? My dad always told me to go to as many concerts as I could just in order to learn music appreciation, which I honestly believe he is right.

The weak crowd with little to no intensity may have killed all of the artists excitement for that nights show. Rudolf took the stage playing one of his all time hits. Guitar in hand, he royally sucked!! This was similar to a drunk karaoke night at the bar, or a 2 a.m. game of rock band. Just an example for how people responded to this pitchy, so called super star, the girls sitting next to me who were obviously not born in the United States were so excited they could barely contain themselves. The DJ came out and they lost it, literally jumping up and down, clapping, and nearly crying. Not even five minutes later these college age girls were sitting in their seats talking to each other while the rest of the place stood, pretending to enjoy this distorted cat scratching sound. This may have been the ultimate buzz kill. A waste of anticipation at it’ s finest. Lucky for us he sang four or five songs and exited the stage gracefully, with little applause.

Lucky for us, Derulo was able to recover from his less than appealing opening act. Unlike Rudolf, Derulo was able to get over the fact that the crowd was the size of my high school graduation. He danced, he sang, and of course he made ever girl there wish she was the one that he could serenade. I am disappointed in my fellow students for not supporting these guys, but hey twelfth row isn’t bad at all.


Alex Carney

Find me on twitter, @carney316 or email me at! Thanks.

A Tradition Unlike Any Other

August, Georgia is famous for a few things such as Pimento cheese sandwiches, great southern hospitality, and a golf course that is on every golfers bucket list to play, AUGUSTA NATIONAL!!! Fortunately, I was able to go for wednesday’s practice round last week, I nearly fainted when I found out I was going. It was not only the opportunity of a lifetime but an experience unlike any other. Contrary to my fellow bloggers belief (Dylan!), golf is a sport that displays the beauty of landscapes across the country on the PGA Tour. Augusta National Golf Club is the landscape the golf course architects dream of. Not a single misplaced bunker, creek, or even flower on the property displays stunning beauty and unmatchable serenity.

Well all of that was besides the point. The Masters is a major that everyone dreams of winning, including us “average joe’s”. This seems to be the century of the young guns. The ultimate example may be the Thursday/Friday pairing of twenty year old Rickie Fowler, twenty-one year old Rory McIlroy, and twenty-two year old Jason Day. Two of the three finishing in the top 20 while all three were in contention through three rounds. This makes us ask, what generation has the upper hand? The experienced or the athletic?

Rory McIlroy was competing in his third Masters this year and held the lead from start till….not quite the finish. You may recall last year when Rory set a record at the Old Course at St. Andrews at the British Open, shooting a crazy sixty-three and following with an eighty. A stunning change of pace you may say. Well, this year the nerves set in a few rounds later. Rory held the lead till the final day were he dropped another eighty. As a true fan I would love to see one of our young kids win the Green Jacket, at the other end of the spectrum how sweet would it be to see Freddy Couples win or another old timer. Being a fan of golf is easy right now. From the amount of times I heard the name Tiger last week, I can still assume people are on his bandwagon. Even if you are not a Tiger fan, there are plenty of stars to follow. The young generation introduces a new name monthly it seems and the older generations continue to snap back to the top right when you think their gone.

Could it be any more perfect? My list of favorites has grown increasingly as the years go by. It’s fun to watch this game when more people can contend, and honestly who likes to see Tiger run away with victories by ten?? I’m kidding, of course, I can’t wait to see that happen again soon! Who do you like? Who motivates you? What generation will you cling to?  Who deserves a Green Jacket?

Peace, love and green jackets,

Alex Carney

A New Beginning

The time has come where social media has overtaken our daily news. Hours of news coverage is now being composed in three sentence tweets. Social media has become the go to, the easy advertiser and the new word of mouth.

As a tribute to our pop culture and the events and issues surrounding our society, Kansas University sophomore, Dylan Lysen and myself, a Kansas State University sophomore will be writing about all things from A to Z. Everything from music to local sporting news will keep your mind wondering about what we will discuss next.

Being loyal to Twitter and Facebook, and rather new to blogging, Dylan and I have begun to not only love the way social media works but the business behind it. It is a proven fact that this is the generation that lives and dies with the cell phone, iPod and laptop. Everyone has learned to express themselves through the keyboard, these are our expressions.

We hope you all enjoy and please let us know what you think!


Alex Carney