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Alex Carney

Dylan Lysen

While growing up in Central Kansas, there have only been two things that mattered to Dylan Lysen: Music and Sports. Dylan was raised listening to Punk Rock and starts off almost every morning watching SportsCenter. Now in college, things have not changed. Dylan believes that sports are meaningless unless you have a rooting interest, and supports the Chicago sports franchises. Ever since Dylan was a child, he dreamed of being a Kansas Jayhawk like his grandparents, and is currently a student at the University of Kansas studying Strategic Communications. Dylan likes to use his sense of humor in his writing in hopes to entertain you.

If you need to reach Dylan, you can email him at or on twitter @xDYLx.

Abby Hamblin

Abby Hamblin grew up in the middle-of-nowhere Kansas, but moved to civilization during middle school. She loves all that is sports, and loves music that she can sing along to. Abby would love to someday write for ESPN and spend her work hours watching college basketball all day. After high school, she decided to leave the great state of Kansas and study Journalism in California. Abby knows a little about a lot, and is always down for a conversation that will last for six hours and has no real agenda. Abby likes everyone; she doesn’t understand why people hate Duke. She once skipped a date night to watch an NCAA tournament game.


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