An Ode to Justin Timberlake


Note: This is the worst poem ever written

Note: This poem was written to be read out loud with either bongos or snapping audience members in berets for accompaniment

To Justin Timberlake:

For so long you’ve left me in the cold

Even though I’ve known you since I was 6-year-old

When I saw Model Behavior for the first time, you changed my life

I had that scene where you were holding a rose paused for most of the night

From your bleached brillo pad hair, to your new, clean shaven look

My love for you is so profound, I should write about it in a book

But then you went and said Bye Bye Bye

And you didn’t even care about how much you made me cry

I wore black for three solid years

And used my “No Strings Attached” puppet to wipe my tears

I buried my life-size cut out of you in my back yard

You were dead to me, but life was still hard

To make it worse, to twist the knife,

You joined the film world and got a wife

I hated you Justin, you shattered my dreams

of an all-ballad album with about love and other things

You were such a tease on SNL with all those catchy tunes

But it was just enough to make me remember what I’d lost and re-kindled the blues

It had been six years since your last album was released

And I was finally accepting that your musical career should rest in peace



A cried again but this time for joy

Because now the life can come true that a girl dreamed about a boy

It may be just one song but it’s a harbinger for me

Of a future full of white-boy soul that will finally be


No! No! No!

Surely I am not the only one stressing out this time of year. Finals, moving into new leases, work, summer school, etc…You get my point. This time of year may not be any different to those in the business world or to those who have the whole summer to mooch off of their parents, sitting by the pool getting skin cancer. To give you a little background knowledge on myself, I work “part time” as a hardware sales associate at Menards, I teach junior golf for the First Tee program, and I volunteer the rest of my time to the Youth Leadership Foundation, in Manhattan, Kansas. I’m sure you are wondering why I put part time in quotations. Well, as far as Menards is concerned, “part time” means about forty hours a week. Did I mention I go to school too?

Trust me, I didn’t plan on filling my time with all work and school. I remember the days were I did absolutely nothing for six hours a day, whata’ bum, right? Shoot, I sure miss those days! Getting paid is great, volunteering makes me feel good about myself, helping kids is what I love to do, but where is the happy medium? The ability to say no is something I have yet to learn. Maybe one of these days I’ll be able to balance this schedule, but right now there are repercussions.

As you may know, I am a student of Kansas State University. A marketing major in the College of Business Administration, supplemented with two minors in Journalism and Leadership Studies. It’s all good in fun, but homework doesn’t do itself, and I am way past the years of passing tests without studying. Honestly, I’m not sure what to do. I am on my way to burnout, and I am definitely headed there fast. So, on with my point earlier, how do we say no?

As a child I went to bed every night listening to “Adventures in Odyssey” , by Focus on the Family. This is a Christian organization thats main focus is helping troubled/abusive families. The stories, meant to teach the Word of God subliminally to children, have had a true impact on the way that I have grown up, and the man I have become. Sadly I still listen to them from time to time. It just so happens that I came across an old story that I believe was called something like “The No Factor”. In this the main character, Connie, is having trouble managing her time between school, work, and volunteering. Sounds familiar, eh?

Basically, the message portrayed covers the ideas and thoughts behind those who spend all their time doing things for others and no time for themselves. In the end, Connie realizes through family and friends, that she cannot be scared to say no and that no one will be mad if she continues to be honest.

We all have millions of things we want to do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. We want to help everyone, make a difference, and be Mr. Dependable. There is truly no way to be affective when you try to please everyone. I’m going to start narrowing my viewpoint, focusing on the important things, and doing my best in whatever is presented to me.


Alex Carney

Student of Kansas State University. Contact me at and on Twitter at @carney316.

Bringin’ It Back

Spring time is here! To the standard Kansas college student this time of year is perfection. Babes laying out in bikini’s, grilling steaks with the boys, perfect weather…sometimes, and last but not least, the Spring Game. Of course, every college has a spring game showing off the new players, plays, offenses, and defenses. To be honest, Kansas State University’s Spring Games is a JOKE. The attendance is low, the excitement is lower, and Bill Snyder is flat boring.

As far as I’m concerned I could care less about the spring game, a.k.a. snooze fest. It’s time for something new, time for something different, and time for some excitement to revolve around this time of year. My question as a student and a KSU Athletics fan is what can we do to make the spring game something to look forward to? Schools like Alabama and Arkansas nearly fill their stadiums for the Spring Game every year. How do they do it?

I know there isn’t much we can do to make the Spring Game more exciting, thank you Bill Snyder, but I believe  there is a way to get the fans more involved. Bill Snyder Family Stadium holds nearly fifty thousands fans, while about three thousand attend the Spring Game. Talk about empty seats and crickets chirping…

Memorial Stadium in Manhattan, Kansas, seats three thousand  fans comfortably and four thousand if they try pretty hard to cram people in. This was the site of all KSU football games several years ago and now the site of KSU rugby games, thrilling. Why don’t we play the game here?

Here are some reasons why we should hold the game here:

  • Stadium would fill every time
  • Students and fans would be closer to the players
  • We would be showing off our new alumni center
  • Walking distance from all on and off campus housing (unlike BSFS)
  • Parking surrounding stadium
  • Locker rooms in Natatorium fifty feet off the field

To me it seems like there is no reason not to try it. Tradition is something that makes teams who they are. Not only would this be something to look forward to, but it may actually draw the alumni in to their old turf. If I was A.D. I know I’d make it happen, but I’m not so I guess I can just voice my opinion.


Alex Carney

Kansas State University student of the School of Business Administration. Contact me on Twitter, @Carney316, or email me at I would love to hear what you think.

A New Beginning

The time has come where social media has overtaken our daily news. Hours of news coverage is now being composed in three sentence tweets. Social media has become the go to, the easy advertiser and the new word of mouth.

As a tribute to our pop culture and the events and issues surrounding our society, Kansas University sophomore, Dylan Lysen and myself, a Kansas State University sophomore will be writing about all things from A to Z. Everything from music to local sporting news will keep your mind wondering about what we will discuss next.

Being loyal to Twitter and Facebook, and rather new to blogging, Dylan and I have begun to not only love the way social media works but the business behind it. It is a proven fact that this is the generation that lives and dies with the cell phone, iPod and laptop. Everyone has learned to express themselves through the keyboard, these are our expressions.

We hope you all enjoy and please let us know what you think!


Alex Carney