A New Beginning

The time has come where social media has overtaken our daily news. Hours of news coverage is now being composed in three sentence tweets. Social media has become the go to, the easy advertiser and the new word of mouth.

As a tribute to our pop culture and the events and issues surrounding our society, Kansas University sophomore, Dylan Lysen and myself, a Kansas State University sophomore will be writing about all things from A to Z. Everything from music to local sporting news will keep your mind wondering about what we will discuss next.

Being loyal to Twitter and Facebook, and rather new to blogging, Dylan and I have begun to not only love the way social media works but the business behind it. It is a proven fact that this is the generation that lives and dies with the cell phone, iPod and laptop. Everyone has learned to express themselves through the keyboard, these are our expressions.

We hope you all enjoy and please let us know what you think!


Alex Carney